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Are you an early-stage U.S. company seeking private capital? Get objective feedback on how your business will be viewed by potential investors by taking part in our Qualifier survey today. We aim to help you think about how to structure your business and pitch your service or product so that your company is seen as a worthy investment. By taking the Qualifier survey, you will receive:

  • Private, risk-free analysis and feedback, customized to your company and introduced at no cost to you
  • Consideration to be on the Most Fundable Companies list and be recognized nationally
  • Additional advantages outlined below for top rated companies

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All Companies Receive Upon Qualifier Survey Completion:
  • A TVA Radar Graph, a unique graphical snapshot benchmarking your company to an ideal one in your industry and at a similar stage of development
  • General guidance on your likelihood for funding
  • Automatic feedback customized for your company
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Top Rated Company Advantages:
  • An invitation to take the Fundability Assessment to further refine your value proposition, be considered for the Pepperdine Graziadio Most Fundable Companies list and receive national recognition
  • A numerical company score and your placement on the TVA “Fundability Curve”
  • Published companies receive exclusive access to events, networking and services
Survey Tips:
  • Keep a business plan nearby for reference
  • Save your work regularly
  • Carefully answer each question – it will affect your outcome!
  • Qualifier surveys completed after May15th may be considered in the following year